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A Revision of Circumstances

December 3, 2010

So after decided to get infected with malware, which is always great for any budding writer, I’ve set up camp in wordpress at Ryan’s advice. No dobut this site will soon be subject to some random attack. Perhaps cyber terrorists will launch an attack on all progressive rock, who knows. After all, given the variety and integrity of the opinions you get here at jazzcriminals, it’s a wonder why I haven’t been contacted earlier.

Unsurprisingly, this interface appears to be almost exactly the same as’s, except perhaps slightly worse I don’t appear to be able to change my font. Excellent. I’ll roll over my blogs from as soon as it stops being so infected. It’s like a leper. A leper full of blogs. Including two drafts. Hope I recover those.

I feel Ornette Coleman’s “Free Jazz” is a fitting accompaniment to this blog.


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  1. Horatio Hufnagel permalink

    I’d hate to be one of those people, but subscribe to my blog too please!:

    (it’s rafi, btw)

  2. Horatio Hufnagel permalink

    Gosh, I really hate to do this again but some jazz criminals hacked into my account (not really, I just made it private) and I started a new blog The other one’s going to be for my creative writings when I get started on them. ❤ ❤ ❤ 3, 3<#m3,3 3,

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