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At Last

December 4, 2010

Finally (yeah okay it’s been less than 24 hours), I’ve been able to update this blog and copy over all the previous blogs I’ve written. Good, good.

If anybody has any suggestions about what to write, I’d be much obliged if you were to suggest them. I’ll always come across things to write, but it’s good to have external forces, to expand one’s concepts, vocabulary and way of thinking. To clarify, the Progressive Rock blog I just finished, and all others except the first I’ve rolled over from my previous blog.

“Roll over” reminds me of my superannuation, which I need to roll over now because I’m switching to the public service as I’m now employed by the ABC (yes I’m aware I may have touted that a little bit too much). I earned $50 in super from five shifts, about $500 or so from the bar I worked at. Solid pay. My super fund ate up $35 of that in fees and tax. I now have $15 in super. I wonder if it’s worth the effort to ring up the company to see how I can switch it over. I guess so, just to dissolve the account anyway.

David Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane” is a nice background to this blog I feel. Something a bit calmer, a bit classier, now that the confusion of Ornette has resolved.

I have a Jazz Fusion blog in the works, covering similar territory to my progressive rock one, so I may have to edit it a bit because no doubt I’ve consolidated some of the material unconsciously. I think I may write about musical practice and my increasing interest in classical music next. I think I’ve exhausted my political mind for a bit.

Keep on rocking in the free world.


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