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Not Just Anybody

February 1, 2011

So I’m trying to figure out my plan for university. At the moment I have three key components of my life, which unsurprisingly are:

  • University
  • Work
  • Music

The problem is though, these are often incompatible – one thing that I’ve learnt over the last few months is that to some degree you have to specialise in everything in life – for instance, I like to consider myself a music buff, and I spend a great deal of my time listening to new music, such as my current folk-rock phase [while I’m on that note, man how do you kids live without Bob Dylan/The Band]. Yet that comes at the cost of watching lots of films or reading lots of books or having more of a social life. If I were to not miss out on those things, then of course another part of my life goes, perhaps university. It’s possible to balance everything and not even in a tenuous manner, but it does require degrees of sacrifice.

I’ve decided I’m not going to consider moving out this year, unless I were to find the perfect place with the perfect people. I’m going to look into going on exchange next year, to the Netherlands, Scandanavia, England, Scotland or perhaps Italy [my mother is particularly keen on this option]. Six months, not a year. So right now I’m content to stay home and operate from there – with Anna moving out there’ll be less clutter and I’ll be able to practise music more too.

I’d like to work two-three days a week, which will keep me more than sufficiently financed, but aye there’s the rub. If I want to do things such as Uni Bingo (5pm Tuesdays at Manning I believe) or Jazzsoc’s Sunset Jazz (6pm Wednesdays at Manning [sometimes Hermann’s]), then I can’t particularly work on those nights. The former I could, as my work starts at 6pm, but it would rather limit the fun as I wouldn’t drink more than one beer, but the latter I obviously cannot attend at all. This wouldn’t be a huge issue, but I was intending to become involved with Jazzsoc, and these jams, while not only being fun and good for a free drink, are the main event through with the society organises itself around.

So this means if I want to embrace uni I’ve got to write myself off for Tuesdays and Wednesdays at work (incidentally, I work most Mon-Wed) – or at least Wednesdays in any case, as Tuesday may be a reasonable compromise. But then I have my key concern, which is Big Band. Big Band normally runs from 6:45-8:45 on Thursday nights at St Leonards, which stops me from working that night and hinders my ability to go out. I can of course still go out afterwards, hitting the city at around 9:30 isn’t too late, but by the same token it’s a tad late to start the night. Furthermore, if I plan on not working on Tuesday or Wednesday, then I’m limiting myself to working on Monday, Thursday and Friday – which means I can only work those two days every week if I enrol in Big Band and wish to engage in all my uni activities. However I do have piano lessons on Thursdays before band, so unless I switch those around (I don’t think I can really) then I either have to quit them or do Big Band.

I do want to keep my social life, my music and my uni (I want to ace political economy) constant. These other things are confusing. Uni timetables will make it all a bit clearer, but I’m confident already I’ll be only at uni Monday-Wednesday, as I should only have 10.5 hours. So that leaves me with the question of what do I prioritise?

Help. I need somebody.


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  1. Wasted 3 minutes reading this. permalink

    can’t believe you made a reference to the band…..other than that i have no real advice. but pretty keen for bingo at manning. 🙂

    • Yeah see when you make your name “wasted 3 minutes reading this” I then don’t know who you actually are.

      But I’m guessing Ozzy.

      Yeah bingo sounds fun, but I guess it’s one of those things I’d be more willing to give up – after all, I can still kinda go, and it’s not like much raging shit happens on a Tuesday night anyway.

  2. da rafmeister permalink

    you need a wife.

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