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Only Empathy

March 19, 2011

I was going to write this for ForkInTheSocket, but it doesn’t seem that it’s up just yet. Typical Day Night Abuse. Also I apologise, the lyric in the Porcupine Tree song Anesthetize is actually “Only Apathy”, but I felt empathy was more appropriate.

There’s this woman who lives near my house – specifically I’ve encountered her a few times near my 230 bus stop just above the wharf. She’d be in her fifties or sixties, has a high pitched voice, and started asking me about my headphones one day. She mentioned she works in a music studio (why ask if she already knew more than me about headphones, I’m not sure) and as conversation continued (slightly strained, I was confused), she went on to mention her Norwegian heritage and how climate change is nonsense as the earth cycles in temperatures naturally, which she knows because her Norwegian family tells her so. Right.

Anyway, I saw her a few weeks ago at about midnight on the 230 home. And she’s still at it, rambling to the bus driver – I turned my music way up, but sadly even The Police do not rock hard enough to get this awful woman away from my brain. I could still hear random excerpts about “well I just say this because you know, people listen to you, I feel it’s like your role to help educate people” amongst other annoyances to the poor, patient bus driver.

The real mindfuck? When I was getting dinner at the abc two Wednesdays ago, at roughly 8:30 or so, I swear I glanced a woman who wore the exact same crap and hairstyle as her. And it would all make sense, as to how she works in a studio and the like (I am presuming that in the entire complex we have one or two music studios). Not to mention that a while ago I swear some old lady waved at me on the couch – I had merely assumed that they were waving to someone behind me, but I don’t think there was anyone behind me.

I’m scared for my life. This woman is freaky. Not to mention wrong.


Keep trying to deal with trying to do well at uni, trying to do lots of music practice, and having a social life. Certainly the latter succeeded this week, and the music practice hasn’t been awful, but the work, urgh. I really have no idea how long I can keep up music and uni for – at least taking it as seriously as I do – I need to dedicate many hours to playing drums, let alone keyboard and my desire to become proficient at guitar and bass.

As my drum teacher tells me, and as professional drummers have said, at some point you do need to choose between these things. I feel like at the very least, if I am serious about wanting to be a musician, then why can’t I defer perhaps one semester to see how this would pan out – I’d be able to work more too which would be good for my coffers (and hell, the more I work, the more my boss trusts me and calls on me, and the easier/sooner I could potentially get a full time job). The added benefit of this would be if I could get good enough at keyboards, guitar and bass, then I could just market myself as a multi-instrumentalist. Not to mention the added advantage of being more adept at composing given a greater understanding of the four main instruments of rock. Pity I can’t sing, but as my cousin keeps reminding me, that’s why I need a harmonica too – which I’ve been supposed to get for ages yet keep forgetting.

At any rate, I’ve got a lot of work that I was supposed to do today and then didn’t. So I’m going to do a fair bit of it now, before I sleep.

At least I can try to be diligent with wasting time and having fun fun fun fun.

There are always British things to do too. Like drinking cups of tea.


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