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sitting here with a drink in my hand

September 15, 2011

So I sit here with a freshly made Tom Collins. The soda water was a bit flat, but still delicious. Used less gin, a bit more lemon juice. Again, could be fizzier but fuck it. It’s lovely.

I mean alcohol’s pretty lovely full stop.

And that makes me wonder. We’re always told drinking is an evil. Or it’s something to be done in short doses. Drink responsibly they say. But what is responsibly? I mean isn’t it really an inherent contradiction, or at least a rather naive perspective?

Sobering up isn’t fun. Anybody who’s drunk at lunch surely knows this. So instead we have another drink. Keeps us in this nice pleasant mood. Tastes good too. And hey, who cares about the sugar or carb intake when it’s with alcohol.

And there are so many different kinds of alcohol! And so many ways you can mix it. There is no way to describe Dan Murphy’s but a candy store for adults.

When is enough enough.

It never is.

I keep on replaying Leo McGarry in my mind: “How can you not want this feeling to last forever?”.

How not indeed.

I don’t want it to go. I never do.

Well that’s a lie. When you’re pissed you want it gone. You only want some poison in your system.

But relaxation is good for you. Stress isn’t. It’s when life turns into a cocktail of stress and drugs that the bad shit really happens. So is it really an issue?

I don’t really think it is. Not yet.

It’s just not all of us have the wit, intelligence and constitution of Christopher Hitchens. He lived like he did because he was a towering figure. The rest of us… less so.

I don’t mean to exaggerate. I just never want to be a slave to any power. It is a drug. A gas.

And by god it’s a good one.


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