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No Weddings and a Funeral

December 4, 2011

Congratulations, ALP. Congratulations. You’ve proven that you are the party of equality, in a historic vote to ensure that gay marriage is recognised as a fundamental human right…eventually. Yes, it is a bold move from the ALP, to vote for a policy change, with all the vigour and conviction of the bravest of civil rights activists, to establish an unwavering commitment to equality for all Australian citizens, regardless of their gender, race, religion or sexuality… according to the conscience of federal MPs. Which is fair enough; some may feel that equal rights are a little icky. Unconscionable even. Of course, they respect and greatly admire their gay and lesbian colleagues. They just think it’s better for society that they continue to be subjugated. We’re all equals, it’s just that some are more equal than others.

So I’d like to thank the ALP, for truly championing this cause. I admit that I am somewhat envious of those party members, who can now proclaim loudly and proudly: “I am part of a party that supports gay marriage”. It would bring me great joy to be part of a movement that recognises injustice in our world, and understands that to fix it, one must allow every member to vote honestly, according to their conscience. Only a truly democratic party like the ALP allows such votes for issues that arouse debate and passion; we’ve seen this in how they’ve approached the asylum seeker issue.

So please, Labor, give yourself a huge pat on the back. Yesterday, you stood up and fought for equality. You fought, and you succeeded. Now gay men and women can go out in the world and have the confidence of knowing that their Government believes that their lifestyle is not a sin, but is just as natural as anyone else’s. Even if it’s still not allowed. They’re working on that. You just have to understand that it might go against some peoples’ conscience.  They’ll get to it soon. They are 100% behind you… as long as they don’t have to defend you in the chambers of the Australian Parliament. But that’s what human rights are – matters of conscience.

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