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Yeah, hi.

I go to Sydney Uni.

My Catholic name is (was) Isadore. I forgot what it was for about six years, not being a Catholic. I was told it was Isadore. I cut off the ‘e’ at the end.

So my name is Isador.

I’m rather left-wing (to put it mildly), although I don’t tend really like liberals on account of most being intellectual lightweights. That said, while I hate Bill Maher’s audience, I do like him and I worship Ana Kasparian. I like Cenk Uygur too. I love all The Young Turks.

People think I have an English accent because I sound posh. I clip my vowels and I stutter a bit. I also spent six months in Bristol so it’s become even worse since.

I like economics. And politics. My double major is Political Economy and Government & International Relations, so it’s kinda evident.

I like guitar solos and synthesizers. And the organ. And the piano too. Keyboards are swell.

I play drums and keyboard. I can talk at length about rock and jazz music.

I quote Archer far too much. I also make my love for the Sopranos and Breaking Bad a bit too evident. Did I mention I absolutely love Buffy?

I like Pink Floyd.

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